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Leasing, Resale, Test2Buy | UNOWN Fashion

Leasing, Resale, Test-To-Buy

Join the circular economy with our fully managed re-commerce experience for your shop

Leasing, Resale, Test2Buy | UNOWN Fashion

Be part of the circular economy

Start your re-commerce experience

More than 110 brands are already part of our journey

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Why go circular? Resale and leasing are growing 11x faster than retail. With our plug-in solution you raise your retention rate and win the next generation of conscious consumers.

Full service – starting on the product detail page

 | UNOWN Fashion
 | UNOWN Fashion

Seamlessly integrated

Add UNOWN to your product detail page to launch a fully branded re-commerce experience

Optimized for circularity | UNOWN Fashion

Optimized for circularity

From payment to RFID-based operations – we keep items circulating

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Highly customizable

New marketing channels help you stay in touch with customers & boost retention

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Your customers' benefits

Your customers' benefits | UNOWN Fashion
  • Conscious consumption

    Allow customers to enjoy your brand in a more sustainable way.

  • Full flexibility

    Offer your customers various models of consumption: leasing, pre-loved and test-to-buy.

  • Affordable access

    Convert customers who are reluctant to pay full price – and turn them into brand lovers.

Your benefits

Engagement | UNOWN Fashion


Convert more customers and increase customer lifetime

Sustainability Push | UNOWN Fashion

Sustainability Push

Offer a greener alternative to buying and strengthen your company image

More revenue | UNOWN Fashion

More revenue

Offer services for the whole lifetime and make more revenue per asset

Success stories of our partner brands

"Since the foundation of Bongénie Grieder in 1891, our aim has always been to be part of the new trends and behavioral of our customers. It is obvious that people want to consume products such as clothing also in the circular economy as well."

Bongénie Grieder

“We need to extend the product life cycle to become truly sustainable. That's why we work with UNOWN.”

Marc O'Polo

“Through leasing, we offer our community the opportunity to get to know Lanius as a brand and to convince themselves of the quality. The best thing is that you don't just get to know a new brand, but also yourself, your style, and your preferences. Without a guilty feeling and without the risk of a bad buy that you regret later.”


“We support leasing because we care about making the world a better place in a sustainable way. Leasing prevents shopping binge and encourages a conscious consumption behavior.”

Got Bag

“Super easy to get started with re-commerce. We did a pilot first and are now extending our collaboration. We already gathered interesting leasing data and achieved higher margins than in traditional wholesale.”

Oh Seven Days

Save water, energy and CO₂

Impact Report_nachhaltig Kleidung leihen | UNOWN Fashion

Our Impact Report

Re-commerce is great for revenue, growth and branding. Most importantly, it helps fighting climate change.

Download our sustainability report and find out what kind of impact you could have.

Connect with us!

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Easy integration of your re-commerce services – offline and online

 | UNOWN Fashion
  • Connect your webshop

    Go beyond buying and add UNOWN to your product detail page

  • Customize your store

    Offer in-store leasing and pre-loved purchases directly in your physical store.

  • Access our analytics

    Whatever you choose – track revenue, products and impact statistics directly in your partner account

Optional: Reverse logistics – fully managed

Diagram | UNOWN Fashion
  • Product intake & tracking

    Our warehouse processes are based on RFID technology to allow for continous tracking across the entire lifetime of each product

  • Ship, return, refurbish

    Tap into our reverse logistics setup for low down time of your items

  • Sustainability

    We offer state of the art solutions including reusable packaging and ozon cleaning services

Premium circular experience for your customers

Premium circular experience for your customers | UNOWN Fashion
  • Trusted environment

    Let your customers lease and buy pre-loved products right from the source – the brand they trust and love

  • More variety – but sustainable

    Combine conscious consumption with the desire for variety, uniqueness and discovery

  • Enter a digital wardrobe

    With a branded section in our UNOWN app, your customers can manage their leases and purchases at any time


Why should my brand go circular?

People’s shopping behavior changes towards sustainability. Rental and resale are easy-to-integrate solutions for this purpose.

Plus, you increase your margins and customer retention with rental and resale.

What is the advantage for my customer?

Rental offers the customer several advantages: They can test an item before buying and it's an affordable access to premium brands. Also, they are flexible in trying out new trends in a sustainable way.

What is the environmental footprint of shipping?

Rental has a higher amount of shipping emissions compared to the traditional retail, since in a linear consumption things get only shipped once. However, the longer use of a piece of clothing in a rental service leads to a reduction of 70% of the total emissions. So the positive impact by far outreaches the additional shipping.

In order to work responsibly with resources, we ship our items in reusable pouches that can be used dozens of times. Additionally our warehouse operates plastic-free.